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CNC Machining
Xintao has 15 years of machining experience in CNC machining, Focusing on complex, precise work with narrow tolerances.
CNC machining materials are usually divided into metal and plastic materials, metal materials are common: AL, Brass, Copper, stainless steel, plastic materials are common: POM, ABS, PEEK, PA (Nylon).
  • Aluminum CNC Machining
    Aluminum is a prevalent machining choice, with frequently utilized grades including 6061, 6063, 6082, and 7075. The benefits of aluminum encompass its ease of machining, favorable electrical and thermal conductivity, elevated strength, and lightweight properties.
  • Brass CNC Machining
    Brass, common grades are C260 and C360, boasts a dense, pliable nature, minimal friction, and exceptional acoustic characteristics.
  • Copper CNC Machining
    Copper, with prevalent grades such as C110 and C101, is renowned for its exceptional conductivity, malleability, antimicrobial characteristics, and appealing aesthetic qualities.
  • CNC Machining Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel, with popular grades including 303, 304, 316, 17-4PH, and 416, is valued for its corrosion resistance, strength, hygiene, and extensive industrial applications.
  • CNC Machining POM
    POM, known for its high hardness, wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and ease of processing, lends itself well to various machining techniques such as cutting, drilling, and milling.
  • CNC Machining ABS
    ABS is an amorphous, opaque resin typically found in the shape of light yellow pellets or beads. This thermoplastic engineering plastic is renowned for its tough, hard, and rigid nature, boasting excellent all-around properties.
  • CNC Machining PEEK
    PEEK is a special engineering plastic with excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, self-lubrication, easy processing, and high mechanical strength.
  • PA (Nylon) CNC Machining
    Nylon is highly prized for its strength, stiffness, toughness, and excellent wear resistance. It offers good aging resistance, sliding properties, and dimensional stability, making it a widely used plastic material.
The precision machining industry is a sector of manufacturing that produces parts with extremely tight tolerances. This industry is critical for the production of parts and components used in a wide range of applications, from automobiles and aircraft to medical devices and electronics.
  • Medical Precision CNC Machining Service Factory
    Common non-standard medical parts: prosthetic parts, medical beds, precision parts of mechanical equipment, etc.
  • Industrial Precision CNC Machining Services China
    Industrial parts have good structural process, the unit price and quality requirements are relatively high, Xintao has a very mature industrial parts production process, to reduce costs without reducing quality.
  • Aeroplane Precision CNC Machining Services Factory
    Aviation parts usually require high-quality and high-precision parts, which are more complex, and Xintao has a professional designer team to avoid various risks at the manufacturing end for you in advance.
  • Defense Precision CNC Machining Services Factory
    Xintao can provide you with a wide range of military parts with high precision and traceability. Painted materials can be used in accordance with the specified requirements.
  • Consumer Precision CNC Machining Services Manufacturer
    Consumer parts, such as coffee machine accessories, gimbal, custom lampshade, flashlight shell, aluminum alloy keyboard, etc., we can provide you with parts without scratches and color difference.
  • Automotive Precision CNC Machining Services Manufacturer
    Xintao's CNC automotive processes enable us to deliver high-quality automotive parts and vehicle prototypes to tight tolerances

Xintao is a manufacturer of machining services, including precision CNC mahining, 5 axis machining, protoyping, casting, die-casing, and offer low volume CNC machining and large production runs. We usually chose appropriate process for each product, e.g. 3-axis machining, 4-axis machining, CNC milling, CNC turning. Over the past decades, we have supplied tens of thousands of precision parts to companies all over the world.