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Low-volume or small-batch CNC machining involves manufacturing products or parts in small quantities, usually between 10-1000 pieces. It is one mechanism that helps manufacturers cut down on production costs. Asides from reducing cost, producing on a small scale also makes it easy to change designs without incurring a loss.

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Low Volume CNC Machining Capabilities

With 15 years of Low Volume CNC machining experience. 

  • 50+ CNC machining equipment

  • ±0.003mm Tolerance

  • Lead times from 5 days

  • Customer data security

  • Over 60 Certified Materials 

  • over 30 surface treatment

  • 100% inspection

  • Free return of defective products

Advantages and Limitations of Low Volume CNC Machining

  • Advantages

    1. More flexible update iteration.

    2. Short turnaround time and low cost

    3. Close the gap with production.

    4. Shorter time to market.

  • Disadvantages

    If the number of parts is greater than 1000pcs, it will affect the delivery time of goods, making the delivery time of goods too long, also not conducive to batch processing to improve the process after the cost reduction.

    If the number of parts is less than 10pcs, it can be processed by using 3D printing, hand board and other rapid prototyping methods, which will be cheaper and faster.

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