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Defense Precision CNC Machining Services Factory

Xintao proudly offers specialized CNC machining and advanced surface treatment services tailored exclusively to the exacting demands of the defense industry. Our cutting-edge facility boasts a comprehensive range of CNC machinery, including multi-axis milling and turning centers, ensuring precision manufacturing of critical components vital to defense applications.

defense cnc machining

We specialize in producing components such as UAV parts, all crafted to the highest standards of quality and precision. Our commitment to compliance with stringent defense industry specifications and regulations is unwavering.

In addition to CNC machining, Xintao provides advanced surface treatment options, including specialized coatings, finishes, and treatments that enhance not only the durability but also the stealth, corrosion resistance, and overall performance of defense components.

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Quality control is at the heart of our operations. Rigorous inspection, testing, and traceability measures are integrated into our processes to ensure that every component we deliver is of the utmost quality and reliability.

With a focus on precision, security, and defense, Xintao is the trusted partner for your CNC machining and surface treatment needs in the defense industry. Count on us to provide exceptional solutions that contribute to the safety and effectiveness of defense systems worldwide.

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