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5-axis machining is the most accurate and advanced method of manufacturing complex, precision metal parts in the shop. It is generally suitable for more complex parts with fast delivery and high surface finish, but the cost is a little more expensive than other machining methods.

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5axis CNC Machining Capabilities

Xintao has 15 years of machining experience, with numerous cases of 5-axis machining. This includes material property verification, 5-axis machining, overall quenching, internal gravity elimination, transfer, grinding, dynamic balance G1, 3D numerical model comparison, full-size measurement, and 10-year quality traceability.

  • 6+ 5-Axis CNC equipment

  • ±0.003mm Tolerance

  • Lead times from 5 days

  • Customer data security

  • Over 60 Certified Materials 

  • over 30 surface treatment

Applications of 5-axis CNC Machining in Various Industries

  • Aerospace Components
    Aerospace Components

    The aerospace industry requires components with organic shapes, contoured edges and composite shapes.

  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices

    the high precision capabilities of 5-axis manufacturing processes help produce implants, devices and other equipment to meet stringent healthcare requirements. Most components are small and complex, or complex electronic scanning and monitoring devices.

  • Industrial Equipment
    Industrial Equipment

    High-precision mechanical equipment requires 5-axis machining of parts, such as robotic arms.

  • Energy Production
    Energy Production

    The energy industry often requires complex and advanced components, including solar power systems and power stations. These parts are machined to be durable and provide stability in the work space.

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