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Turning & milling is one of the most popular machining processes internationally in the field of machining. Composite machining is to take several different machining processes and realize them on one machine tool. Composite machining is the most widely used and the most difficult, which is turning and milling composite machining. Turning and milling composite machining center is equivalent to a CNC lathe and a machining center composite.

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CNC Milling& Turning Capabilities

Xintao's precision mill-turn machining provides high-volume production capabilities for diverse and intricate parts, guaranteeing swift and versatile machining with high-speed capabilities.

  • Dia: 20~480mm, Max length 1200mm

  • ±0.005mm Tolerance

  • Lead times from 5 days

  • Customer data security

  • Materials: aluminum/alloy steel/tool steel/stainless steel/titanium/high temperature alloy

  • surface treatment :micro-arc oxidation, hard oxidation, heat treatment hardness, medium and high frequency induction quenching, Teflon coating, silicon carbide coating, grease anti-rust

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