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CNC Medical Part

Material: AL

Process: CNC machining

Surface treatment: sandblasting+ nickel plating

Lead time: Sample: 5 days

Describtion: Comprehensive and customized, Xintao Precision excels in providing precision metal fabrication services tailored to your needs, including material flexibility, surface treatments, efficient prototyping, and the bulk production of standard hardware components. Our products play a crucial role in diverse industries such as aerospace, automation equipment, automotive, medical devices, drones, and more. With a vast array of over 60 precision machining tools and inspection instruments, we uphold unwavering standards for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, ensuring the impeccable delivery of each product directly into your hands.

Capabilities of Xintao CNC Medical Parts

Xintao CNC excels in the precision manufacturing of medical components. Our cutting-edge CNC machining technology ensures the highest level of precision and quality for critical medical parts. These components are vital in various medical devices, instruments, and equipment, where precision, cleanliness, and reliability are paramount. Whether it's surgical instruments, diagnostic tools, or specialized medical components, Xintao CNC delivers excellence in medical part production, meeting the exacting standards of the medical industry. Trust us for precision, quality, and efficiency in CNC medical part processing.

Medical Parts in Xintao

Xintao CNC machining can produce a variety of medical components, including surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, dental equipment, imaging device parts, respiratory equipment, cardiac device components, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment parts, laboratory equipment, and rehabilitation device components. CNC technology ensures high precision and quality, meeting the stringent requirements of the medical industry for accuracy, cleanliness, and reliability.

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